Official site of Jack Gartside, renowned fly fishing author and fly tyer. Tactics and flies for striped bass, trout, tarpon, bonefish, salmon, bass, bluefish, snook, and permit. Pattern recipes, blog, photo gallery and more.

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Welcome to, official web site of the world infamous fly tyer, author, bon vivant, and icon-o-caster Jack Gartside! On this site you'll find Jack's:

It's also where you can buy Jack's original:

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Gartside Stuff

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Tying Materials...

Fly Comb - Stainless Steel

Fly Comb - Stainless Steel For times when you need a stiffer comb, such as combing out underfur or deer hair heads. This high-quality stainless steel comb may last you a lifetime.

Bucktails, Freshwater

Bucktails, Freshwater These are great first quality bucktails, not quite so long as my saltwater tails, with fibers 3 to 4 inches long.

Coyote Tails, Jumbo

Coyote Tails, Jumbo Beautiful, large American coyote tails about 18 inches long. The guard hairs vary in color from cream to tan to silver to black and make excellent tails and streamer wings. Try them in place of bucktail on Clousers, bonefish flies, and other patterns. The natural salt and pepper fibers are also well-suited to lobster, crab, and crayfish imitations. The scruffy gray underfur makes great dubbing for sub-surface flies.

Fox Tails, Premium American Red

Fox Tails, Premium American Red Beautiful large American Red Fox tails. Each tail is sixteen to twenty inches long and includes the tip--enough tail to keep you tying for a long, long time!

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Striper StrategiesStriper Strategies (2nd edition)

At last! The long-awaited second edition of Striper Strategies is now available, just in time for the holidays! This new edition features over 50 additional pages, new fly dressings, new photographs, and a full color cover.

Fly Patterns for the Adventurous TyerFly Patterns for the Adventurous Tyer (4th edition)

This book contains all of Jack's best-known fresh water patterns. The Sparrow, Gartside Pheasant Hopper, Soft Hackle Streamer, CPF and Firefly mayflies and caddis, the Gurgler (with 20 variations!), and many more unusual and innovative designs to challenge the tyer and to entice the fish.

Original Salt Water Fly PatternsOriginal Salt Water Fly Patterns (4th edition)

Original and effective salt water fly patterns for striped bass, bluefish, bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish, sea trout, snook, and other salt water species. Contains all of my best-known salt water patterns such as the Gartside Sand Eel, the Gurgler, the Floating Minnow, the BeastMaster, the FishHead, the BeastMaster General, and the Soft Hackle Streamer.

Secret FliesSecret Flies

Secret Flies for Fresh and Salt Water reveals revolutionary and exquisitely simple fly tying techniques I've developed for use with Gartside's Secret Stuff. Gartside's Secret Stuff (GSS for short) is a unique tying material that lets you create unusual and beautiful flies that combine realism and action. Over 50 patterns and ideas and inspiration for hundreds more.

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The Jack's Blog blog is a place for tales, tips, and other random musings. Latest posts:

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The Soft Hackle Wet Fly: Back to Basics

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