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Can I put your picture here? Send your jpeg image at the address below. Don't forget to include a little info about the picture (for example, if it's you with a fish, where and/or how it was taken).

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Jack Harford

Jack Harford with a big cat taken on a Soft Hackle Deceiver.

David Gauduchon

David Gauduchon with a pike caught in the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor caught this monster Queenfish on a 5 weight in Queensland, AU.

Peter Cherrett

Peter Cherrett holds a tuna that fought for an hour until the body was removed in one bite by something unseen!

Captain Rob Thompson

Captain Rob Thompson of east Long Island.

Hugh McDowell

Hugh McDowell with an Australian Longtail Tuna caught in Queensland, Australia,

Bardwell Wiggins

Bardwell Wiggins with an 8 1/2 pound steelie caught in the Rocky River in Cleveland, Ohio

Ledge Mitchell

Ledge Mitchell in New Zealand

Yoshiyuki Kamioka

Yoshiyuki Kamioka caught this Japanese sea bass on a Gartside Floating Minnow.

Benjamin Quigley

Benjamin Quigley with his first catfish.

Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell in New Zealand

Alex Wood

Alex Wood with a brown trout taken on a soft hackle wet fly.

Ben Larsen

Ben Larsen and Walter

Captain Mel Harris

Captain Mel Harris of the Wind Knot and Jack.

Chris Maroney

Chris Maroney with a taimen caught on a Gurgler.

Claude Lombardo

Claude Lombardo in New Caledonia.

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson with a New Zealand rainbow.

Dave Botelho

Dave Botelho with a 26 lb. King.

Dave Cull

Dave Cull with Red Horse caught on Tippecanoe R. Indiana.

Dave Skok

Dave Skok with a handsome bass taken on a sandy flat.

Dave Souza

Dave Souza took this bass on Dogfish Bar MV.

David Gauduchon

David Gauduchon (holding fish) with a nice European sea bass.

Ed Goracy

Ed Goracy on MV: The Striper Strikes at Midnight.

Ellen Goldberg

Ellen Goldberg with a Vineyard schoolie.

Euan Sorrell

Euan Sorrell with Gurgler.

Fred Bridge

Fred Bridge with a nice Elk Creek steelhead.

Fred Cummings

Fred Cummings shows off a beautiful Labrador brookie.

Gary Cwyk

Gary Cwyk took this Boston Harbor striper on a BeastMaster General.

Hugh McDowell

Hugh McDowell with a monster pike caught in Ulster Northern Ireland.

Hugo Williams

Hugo Williams was fighting a 23 inch bass when it was swallowed by this 43 incher!

Iain Sorrell

Iain Sorrell (wearing hat) and bass.

Iain Sorrell

Iain Sorrell with South Carolina redfish.


Jack has sometimes been accused of fighting fish a little too long.

Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell with a nice brown caught on the Madison.

Jamie Boyle

Jamie Boyle plays the Vineyard blues.

Joe Raccio

Joe Raccio with a Connecticut striper.

John Kober

John Kober with steelhead.

Karl Glander

Karl Glander with an Indiana smallmouth.

Karl Glander

Karl Glander with Indiana Wiper.

Katie Lavelle

Katie Lavelle the flying fisher woman.

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson poses with consenting bluegill

Ledge Mitchell

Ledge Mitchell with a beautiful brown trout caught in Tierra del Fuego.

Malcolm Shewan

Malcolm Shewan master of the Aikido.

Mark Dougherty

Mark Dougherty with a handsome bonefish.

Matt Dormer

Matt Dormer with a North Carolina albie.

Mike Quigley

Mike Quigley Jack's Web site designer. Nice hat eh?

Nancy Hopping

Nancy Hopping demonstrates her gurgler technique on Maine stripers.

Paul Franklin

Paul Franklin with Boston Harbor striper.

Peter Grover

Peter Grover with a Boston Harbor striper.

Phil Funky Hat Cameral

Phil Funky Hat Cameral with a Montana trout.

Phil McCartney

Phil McCartney with a nice Kentucky cat.

Regie Fournicault

Regie Fournicault with European Sea Bass.

Regis Fournigault

Regis Fournigault with a with European Sea Bass.

Rob Frye

Rob Frye with a 17.5 lb False Albacore caught off of Harkers Island NC.

Robert Jarvis

Robert Jarvis with nice mackeral tuna caught on a Popovic's Surf Candy.

Robert Jarvis

Robert Jarvis with a Saratoga he caught in Queensland Australia.

Sebastien Golly

Sebastien Golly with a handsome trout taken in Slovenia.

Steve Binckes

Steve Binckes with European Sea Bass.

Todd Novak

Todd Novak with a handsome dorado caught on a gurgler.

Tyler Molander

Tyler Molander with his first striped bass.

Val Atkinson

Val Atkinson with a permit I wish I'd caught.

Yarrum Sirhc

Yarrum Sirhc with permit.


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