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Your card proudly accepted was launched in 2000, by Jack assisted by webmaster Mike. Prior to that since the 1960s Jack sold his flies, books and other products through shops, shows, and his mail order catalog. All of the flies Jack sold he tied himself.


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Until his death (in 2009) Jack did all of the fly design and tying, and writing. Jack was born in Revere, Massachusetts and spent his final years in nearby Winthrop, where despite being a renowned fly tyer, fisherman, author, lecturer, traveler, and general ne'er-do-well he lived relatively incognito. Enthusiastic as the day is long, Jack was a kid in a man's body.He loved swing dancing, 50s music, the Boston Red Sox, trivia of all sorts, old movies, and taking the road less traveled. He was obsessed with fish habits and fly tying: he was the only person I've ever seen feed pennies to striped bass, and an elegantly-shaped feather would have him buzzing for hours. You can read more about Jack and what some of the experts have to say about him on the About Jack page. You can also read about him in Wikipedia.

Mike does all of the web site work—the design, management, maintenance and other technical stuff. When Jack was alive he also served as Jack's editor. In Jack's absence Mike fills orders and just generally hopes to keep the site going in a way reflective of Jack. Mike lives in Nahant, Massachusetts with his kids raising two young kids (Ben 14 and Sarah 8). He likes fishing (fly or otherwise), gardening, spicy food, sleeping late, and puttering. He dislikes seals and sea gulls but recognizes their right to exist. He loathes tying flies and thinks most fly tyers are nuts (but in a good way).

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