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There are lots of fly tying materials on the market and lots of people that want to sell them to you. Generally speaking, I'm not one of them. But every now and then I come across something I really like or which no one else seems to be offering. Those are the things you'll find here.

Fur and Feathers

Blood Marabou

Blood Marabou Blood MarabouBlood marabou is thin-stemmed, long-fibered turkey marabou (not to be confused with marabou shorts or "chickabou"). I personally pick through every inch of strung marabou I sell to ensure every feather you get is usable. I believe you will not find a better source of blood marabou than this site!

For examples of flies you can tie using blood marabou see Tying the Soft Hackle Streamer, Tying the Soft Hackle Sand Eel, and (webmaster Mike's favorite striper fly) Tying the BeastMaster General.

Each pack contains one half ounce of best-quality, four to five inch long strung blood marabou feathers. Enough to tie dozens of large saltwater streamers or a hundred or more smaller ones.

1-4 packs, $4.99 each. 4 or more, $3.99.

Colors: black, blue dun, chartreuse, olive, pink, purple, white, yellow,

Price: $4.99

Quantity    Color   

Bucktails, Freshwater

Bucktails, FreshwaterThese are great first quality bucktails, not quite so long as my saltwater tails, with fibers 3 to 4 inches long. The black tails feature stiffer fibers, especially suitable for spinning cricket, muddler, and sculpin heads.

Colors: black, chartreuse, olive, pink, white,

Price: $4.79

Quantity    Color   

Bucktails, Saltwater Streamer

Bucktails, Saltwater Streamer These are the same bucktails Jack use to tie BeastMaster Generals, Bucktail Beauties, and other of his patterns that rely on high-quality fibers. These tails have a high ratio of the long (4 to 6 inches), crisp, finely-tipped fibers that make for the best streamer and dry fly wings. And almost every fiber is saturated in the stated color of the tail--no overabundance of natural brown hairs.

Colors: black, olive, pink, white,

Price: $5.99

Quantity    Color   

Coyote Tails, Jumbo

Coyote Tails, JumboBeautiful, large American coyote tails about 18 inches long. The guard hairs vary in color from cream to tan to silver to black and make excellent tails and streamer wings. Try them in place of bucktail on Clousers, bonefish flies, and other patterns. The natural salt and pepper fibers are also well-suited to lobster, crab, and crayfish imitations. The scruffy gray underfur makes great dubbing for sub-surface flies.

Note: Coyote tails can vary quite a bit in color. When ordering, if there is a particular color of guard hair you're most interested in (e.g., silver/gray, tan, black, cream, salt-pepper) feel free to indicate so in the Comments field on the checkout form. I will try to select a tail that best matches what you're looking for.

Colors: natural,

Price: $7.99

Quantity    Color   

Fox Tails, Premium American Red

Fox Tails, Premium American RedBeautiful large American Red Fox tails. Each tail is sixteen to twenty inches long and includes the tip--enough tail to keep you tying for a long, long time! Tails have been professionally tanned and the bones removed.

Colors: natural,

Price: $9.99

Quantity    Color   

Raccoon Tails, Premium

Raccoon Tails, Premium Raccoon Tails, PremiumRaccoon was one of Jack's favorite tying materials and these are extra-large, premium tails, nicely barred, ten to fourteen inches long each. These undyed, natural tails have a nice mix of tan, golden, grey, brown, and black fibers. Tails have been professionally tanned and the bones removed.

Gartside patterns that feature raccoon include the Coondog, Coony Jack, and the Coony Cockroach.

Colors: natural,

Price: $4.99

Quantity    Color   


Corsair Tubing

Corsair Tubing Corsair TubingThis is the REAL stuff. Strong, durable, and malleable, this easy-to-use polyester or polyester/mylar tubing is used to tie some of the most realistic and interesting flies you can imagine. Each pack contains four feet of material, not three, like some imitators.

For examples of flies you can tie with corsair, read Tying the Floating Minnow, Tying the Corsair Sand Eel, and Tying the Featherwing FishHead.

Corsair Tubing 1/2 Inch Diameter

Use the 1/2 inch diameter to tie a wide variety of realistic baitfish imitations, floating minnows, FishHeads, and many more unusual and effective flies.

Colors: black, white,

Price: $5.99

Quantity    Color   

Corsair Tubing 1/4 Inch Diameter

Use the 1/4 inch diameter for smaller baitfish: Corsair Sand Eels, FishHead Sand Eels, Silversides, etc.

Colors: black, white,

Price: $5.99

Quantity    Color   

Gartside's Secret Stuff

Gartside Gartside's Secret StuffYou too can be a magician at the vise with Gartside's Secret Stuff (or "GSS" for short). Wow your friends! Catch more fish! Have more fun! Learn the arcane secrets of "The Great Gartside, the Fly-Tying Magician" and make them your own.

This ultra-fine 8 inch long hair-like material is incredible! It moves in the water like no other synthetic material I've ever used and has a translucent luster that outrivals nature's.

Use it alone or blended with natural materials to create the most effective baitfish imitations you've ever tied. Use it as a hair substitute for lively and realistic streamers and baitfish imitations. Use it instead of Flashabou to form highly visible parachute wings, spinner wings, tails, hackle and bodies on all sorts of flies.

And here's the best part (for fans of epoxy flies). With GSS you can form realistic epoxy-like heads or bodies without the muss or fuss or weight of epoxy. This is fun stuff! Magic stuff!

For examples of flies you can tie with GSS, read Tying the Secret Baby Baitfish, Tying the Blueback Herring, and Two Simple Secret Flies.

Each package contains 3/4 ounce of material, enough to tie hundreds of flies. Color Note: Peacock is peacock green. Olive is coppery green.

1-2 packs, $5.99 each. 3 or more, $4.99.

Colors: black, chartreuse, olive, peacock, pearl, pink,

Price: $5.99

Quantity    Color   

Secret Fly Kit

Secret FliesGet everything you need to start tying flies with Gartside's Secret Stuff--and save a few dollars to boot. The Secret Flies book has step-by-step instructions for dozens of patterns, plus important tips for working with the material. The three packs of GSS provide enough material to tie hundreds of flies.

Kit includes:

Jack's book Secret Flies for Fresh and Salt Water

+ 3 packs of Secret Stuff (please use Comments field during checkout to specify the colors you want)

Price: $29.99


Small Worm and Eel Chenille

Small Worm and Eel ChenilleApproximately 1/8 inch in diameter, this fine suede chenille is ideal for tying small sand eels, small cinder worms, San Juan worms, Baby Buggers, and many other effective flies.

Each pack contains nine twelve feet of material!

Colors: olive, olive/brown/rust, rust,

Price: $1.99

Quantity    Color   

Sticky Back Foam

Sticky Back Foam Sticky Back FoamFor gurglers, sliders, beetles, hoppers, all kinds of floating flies.

This high-buoyancy closed-cell foam has a sticky underside--just peel away the protective backing and press against another piece of foam (sticky or non-sticky) for instant adhesion. Press multiple sheets together to create foam as thick as you want. Press different colors together to achieve two-tone or even triple-tone effects. Create foam whose underside presents a dark silhouette (to fish) and whose topside presents a high-visibility surface (to fishermen). Lots of fun!

Each sheet 4.5 inches by 6 inches. 1/16 inch (2mm) thick.

For examples of flies you can tie with sticky-back foam, read Tying the Double Gurgler, Tying the Gurgler, and Tying the Gartside Bug.

Sticky Back Foam Single Sheet

Colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, white, yellow,

Price: $0.39

Quantity    Color   

Sticky Back Foam Ten Pack

Includes two white and one each of black, blue, brown, green, pink, red, purple, and yellow.

Price: $3.49


Sticky Back Foam Two Pack

Includes two sheets of any one color.

Colors: black, blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow,

Price: $0.69

Quantity    Color   

Wiggle Worm Chenille

Wiggle Worm Chenille Wiggle Worm ChenilleWiggle Worm Chenille is a two-ply plush chenille, ideal for tying up fat and juicy worm patterns (Palolo Worms, Redfish Worms, etc.), Worm Gurglers and Sliders, and super-meaty wooly buggers. The Cinder Worm chenille is perfect for tying spawning cinder worm patterns and has many other uses as well.

See my article Tying the Wiggle Worm for step-by-step instructions on a fly you can tie using Wiggle Worm Chenille.

Each pack contains nine twelve feet of material!

Colors: brown/black, cinder worm, cream, olive, purple, rust, violet,

Price: $3.49

Quantity    Color   


Fly Comb - Stainless Steel

Fly Comb - Stainless SteelFor times when you need a stiffer comb, such as combing out underfur or deer hair heads. This comb is very well made and will last you a long, long time. A one inch long comb set at the end of a six inch handle with 1/3 inch long stainless steel teeth.

Price: $4.99


Mini Hook Hackle Pliers

Mini Hook Hackle PliersBest hackle pliers in the world! For sheer gripping power, working in small spaces, and durability, none compare to the Mini Hook. I've been using mine for almost fifteen years. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that grip poorly and cut hackle stems with their sharp edges.

Mini Hook

Price: $3.99


Mini Hook 4-pack

Buy three and get a fourth free!

Price: $12.99



From time to time I have items available at a discount--discontinued materials or colors, for example, or seconds, overstock, and so on. These are offered here. Quantities are limited.


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