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Fly  PatternsArticles and StoriesCheck this page for periodic additions, including fishing articles, stories, book excerpts, and step-by-step instructions for tying my original fly patterns.

  • Fresh Water
    Step by Steps
  • Fresh / Salt Water
    Step by Steps
  • Salt Water
    Step by Steps
  • Places, Tactics,
    and Other Tales
  • Tips and Tricks

Step-by-step instructions for tying some of my favorite original fresh water patterns.

Soft Hackle Wet Fly (2007-02-08)

Gartside Bass Bug (2006-07-04)

CPF No-Hackle Caddis Dry Fly/Emerger (2005-01-10)

Coypu, Coypu, Coypu! (2004-03-16)

Two Simple Secret Flies (2003-12-06)

Pheasant Hopper (2003-04-15)

Sparrow (2002-03-29)

Merlin (2001-06-14)

Wet Mouse (2001-03-14)

Filter Fly (2001-01-02)

Step-by-step instructions for tying some of my best original salt water patterns.

Tying the Aleph (2010-12-12)

Zambezi Hi-Tie (2006-11-20)

Muddled Soft Hackle Deceiver (2006-09-17)

Wiggle Worm (2006-04-05)

Floating Minnow (2006-02-27)

Depth-Charger Soft Hackle Deceiver (2005-08-15)

Beastmaster General (2004-11-27)

More Coypu Flies! (2004-04-14)

Silver Slider (2004-03-26)

Double Gurgler (2003-08-12)

Pheasant Hopper (2003-04-15)

New Wave Soft Hackle Streamer (2003-02-22)

The Ringneck Pheasant: the Flytyer's Friend (2002-10-25)

Gartside Bug (2002-06-20)

Hoverbugger (2001-09-17)

Gurgler (2001-07-17)

Featherwing FishHead (2001-04-01)

Soft Hackle Streamer (2001-02-06)

Secret Baby Baitfish (2001-01-04)

These original patterns work equally well in fresh and salt.

Corsair Sand Eel (2005-11-06)

Three Crabs and a Dab (2005-02-10)

Tarpon Bunny (2005-01-30)

Baby Bunker Gurgler (2004-09-26)

Hot Orange Rabbit-Strip FishHead (2004-08-06)

Skinny Minnie (2003-06-04)

Blueback Herring (2003-06-04)

Soft Hackle Baby Bunker (2001-09-17)

Soft Hackle Sand Eel (2001-03-06)

A hodge-podge of advice, experiences, and lessons learned.

A Christmas Present from the Queen (2012-12-01)

Permit Me (2011-11-26)

Gurgler Fishing in Salt Water and Fresh (2008-07-05)

Striped Bass from the Start (2008-04-22)

A Look at the Season Past (2007-11-14)

Fall Striper Strategies (2007-09-21)

Early Season Striper Strategies (2007-06-14)

Another Fish Tale (2002-11-13)

Bass on the Flats (2002-09-12)

Fishing the Sparrow (2002-04-01)

A Fishy Mystery (2002-02-12)

A Lesson for Fly Tyers (2001-11-13)

The Great Bonefish Giveaway (2001-06-01)

Stripers in Flight (2001-02-01)

The Circus at the End of the World (2000-11-18)

Fly Fishing Master (2000-08-14)

The Hoverbug Variations (2000-07-30)

Assorted tips and tricks fo tying and fly fishing.

Applying Fabric Paint Eyes to Flies (2010-12-10)


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